A System allowing you to operate profitably on the Stock Exchange and in all the probabilistic systems!

All details about the book-cd

The book-cd is divided into three different parts:

PART ONE (70 Pages)
It is a crucial part because, after a brief introduction, it describes the "Fundamental System" (3 - I - 2, called Three-i-two system). Once the system is understood, it becomes illuminating for the two following parts of the book. The Three-i-two system is applied to the first 800 decimal places of pi (the irrational number linking diameter and circumference): the result is 20% of exact prevision if compared to the number of events. In the following pages, the book-cd provides a proof of 100 successive MIB values per every five minutes, with a set of detailed notes. Finally, there is a long proof suggested by a friend of mine, with some notes on the mistakes it contains.

The System proposed in this first part is meant to be used also for entertainment in gaming rooms (R and N, P and D, P and M). It can be also adapted for dozens and columns.

Hazard is almost equivalent to zero: no increase, no losing.
This means that if I lose a bet, I do not have to bet more in the next stake. All systems try to save the gambler by increasing the bets, but this is extremely risky because it leads to lose everything in a short time.
In our systems, bets have very small variations. You win for more complex reasons.

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PART TWO (83 Pages)
3 – I – 2 system, thus obtaining what I call a "Triple System". Here is a 30-day proof on the Stock Exchange graphs (Milan, MIB future, 32 operations per day, one every fifteen minutes, providing the genuine graphs of each day). My results are unparalleled: I get exact previsions nine times out of ten. An average much higher than other availbable systems. A friend of mine provided me with a proof on the periodic differences between currencies, which obviously gave a positive outcome.

Often, proofs giving negative results have been corrected revealing the exceptional effectiveness of the proposed systems.

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PART THREE (79 Pages)
Two types of Triple Systems are presented, to be applied simultaneously to RN-PD-PM. Our neat returns approaches 50%, that is to say, 50 points out of random draws. The present section is addressed to researchers or experienced players and shows unequalled results. Just to increase my offer, I present a simple 3 - I - 2 system on the sets of six: the result is excellent.
Super Systems: Those who patiently and unwearyingly followed the author’s proposals up to now will not believe their eyes: success percentage goes from 137 to 271 %.

Application of a Sixfold System (six times the mathematically adapted 3-I-2 system) to 14 days in the Stock Exchange. Our returns amount to 30 hundred points per day, nearly three times the proof presented in the second section of the book.

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